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Pagina principala » 2012 » Februrare » 23 » Man on a Ledge

Man on a Ledge
Adaugat de: rares · Vizualizari: 1358

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1 Ahmed  
So first things first, I'm rllaey glad Drew took the time to return your phone. My boyfriend lost his phone once and even though he had a find my phone' app, the person who found it immediately turned the phone off so he couldn't find it. Knowing that this could have easily happened to you, makes me happy that there's at least one decent person in the world! The second thing is that I am JUST LIKE YOU! I'm so paranoid and for no real reason. Whenever I try to get in contact with someone, if they don't answer their phone I assume they're being held captive by an ax wielding murderer who's already destroyed their phone so they can't call for help haha yeah THAT'S the first thing I jump to when I can't get a hold of someone!

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